Roswell Rods – a Jose Escamilla film (what are these creatures?)

No one knows what these creatures are
they are going so fast that you can’t see them with your naked eyes
but they are caught on camera everywhere in the world
I do believe there is more than what meets the eye….

more on his website :

Take a look on youtube you have many footage of those weird flying objects that go up and down and stop
and are in out of space, water, our skies….

Watch the specialist of the rods: Jose Escamilla

2 Responses to “Roswell Rods – a Jose Escamilla film (what are these creatures?)”

  1. Dan Furtuna Says:

    That roads are our souls which leave us, after the phisical death of our body.All souls, which in fact are little clew or ball of energy, very, very resistent, impossible to destroy it(only in nuclear reactor), are taking place, after their release from the phisical body, in a space of universe, but arround or among the planets of a solar system, to different levels of energies, conforming with their own vibrational level(here is necessary another disscution, how every soul acheave,arrive to a certain vibration).In time, this energy ball, could take different forms, and can flight, almost in any direction and points of a limited universe.But, one more time, these are energy and they can passed through any kind of material things.Thank you, for your attention!Dr. Dan Furtuna

    • Dan Furtuna Says:

      It is amasing, that you succeeded to filmed this roads.After me, this was possible, because they make part from the lowest energy entities, which didn’t acheave a too much cantity of vibration in their terrestrial life; but this is only a suposition!
      To the highest forms is very difficult to arrive or to see them;only few persons with special devine gift could.dr. Dan Furtuna

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