Gross! Swiss made: cows fitted with portholes in stomach to test digestion

What’s next!!!?

Welcome to the Brave New World! Totally insane!

It’s abuse, and the practice is cruel.   Berk!

At Agroscope, situated in Grangeneuve, Switzerland, 14 cows have been fitted with portholes in their sides. It cuts through their left flank, permitting access to the inside of the ruminants’ belly. This method makes it possible to test a more balanced pasture for the animals.




The cannula acts like a porthole and gives direct access to the cow’s rumen.

Once the cannula is surgically placed in the cow, the animals grazes for a set period of time before being examined.

Farmers remove the plug and pull the grass and oat mixture from the rumen.

This material is collected and tested and this analysis shows farmers and researches which forages get the best results from the livestock, based on how much is digested.

The practice is said to have become common place in the 1920s but reports of cows being used in this way for scientific research date back to 1833.

Cows with cannulas fitted are also known as fistulated cows.

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