Fukushima radiation detected in Seawater 160km off Californian coast containing Caesium-134


This is an isotope that only occurs in nuclear reactors and can be used to trace the spread of radiation from Fukushima
However the levels found were very low and not harmful to humans
But lead researcher Dr Ken Buesseler says it is important to continue tracking the radiation to ensure it does not reach dangerous levels

Trace amounts of radiation originating from the Fukushima disaster have been detected off the Californian coast.
Although the levels are not high enough to cause any health issues in humans, the discovery is a worry that radiation can travel so far from the disaster.
It is the first detection of radiation originating from Fukushima found across the Pacific Ocean.

The findings were made by Dr Ken Buesseler from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).
He says they detected very small amounts of an isotope called caesium-134, which can only originate from nuclear reactors and does not form naturally.
This makes it a useful isotope to trace the radiation leak from Fukushima, reports Live Science.


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