Over 120 million red crabs swarm Christmas Island on their way to the ocean to breed



An estimated 120 million red crabs live on the 52 square mile island shared with just more than 2,000 residents

The incredible sight attracts thousands of islanders to see the phenomenon, which lasts several weeks as the 14 different species of crabs take over the island, which has a large areas of monsoonal forest.

‘The speed with which everything on the island changes is incredible. On Tuesday (Nov 18) the weather started out fine and there was maybe one or two crabs around,’ said Mr Tindale.

‘In the afternoon, storms came through and that evening the red crabs were out in force. The island had evolved into a red carpet; a sea of red as the crabs started heading down to the Indian Ocean,’ he said.

The crabs move in their crimson wave to and from their breeding ground and habitat, as the crabs gradually move down to the ocean to spawn.

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