Endless City: to solve the major issue of modern urbanism, that of lack of space, a firm of English architects imagined a city would develop not horizontally but vertically



Clearly, it would be a huge building complex designed as an autonomous and self-sufficient city. A project worthy of science fiction, but it is indeed being thought … This is a huge project, far from being materialized, but which will make more than a dream. The architects of the British agency SURE currently working on Endless City, a huge building that would function as an autonomous city in the heart of London. A true vertical city!

Noting that urbanization will not in the future, enough space to grow horizontally, the SAFE Architecture visionaries imagined a city “vertical”, which would extend to the heavens. This would take the form of a huge building complex, up more than 300 meters, overlapping stages that would be as many neighborhoods connected. With a total area of 165,855 m², this tower as tall as The Shard (the largest skyscraper in London today), would include housing and offices, but also schools, shops, public places, entertainment and even parks!

It is inhabited by thousands of people who would find inside everything they need, and therefore could live there permanently, autonomy. A structure promoting the exchange and respect for the environment The Endless City project based on a bold architecture, since the building is viewed as a continuum.

“There will be no rupture, nor between the street level and the input of skyscrapers between the different levels of skyscrapers, says Alina Valcarce, Associate Director of SURE Architecture in the columns of the Daily Mail. The project objective is to build an open building, as effective as attractive, which would be a powerful symbol of generosity and openness.”

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