Hero Monkey Saves Pal’s Life After Fellow Primate is Electrocuted



Watch incredible moment hero monkey saves pal’s life after fellow primate is electrocuted
The monkey slapped, bit and splashed its friend with water after the animal was left unconsciousness in an Indian railway station
This is the life-affirming moment a monkey heroically saves its friend’s life after its fellow primate is electocuted.

The stricken monkey was shocked by the voltage while walking on high tension wires in Kanpur railway station, India.

It fell onto the tracks and all hope seemed to be lost as it slipped beneath the rails.

But its fellow primate didn’t give up so easily, and the video shows the heart-warming sequence that followed.

Happily that seemed to work and after some 20 minutes out cold the wounded monkey slowly opened its eyes while his friend hauled him off to a safe spot moments before a train pulled in.

Delighted commuters standing on the platform at the station in India’s northern city of Kanpur filmed the action on mobile phones and cheered as the rescue unfolded.

And as if saving his life wasn’t enough the hero monkey even treated his friend to an impromptu grooming session by the side of the tracks. 

2 Responses to “Hero Monkey Saves Pal’s Life After Fellow Primate is Electrocuted”

  1. Amber Danette Says:

    What a delightful tale. Animals never cease to amaze me.

    • theboldcorsicanflame Says:

      Hi thanks for caring. Yeah animals can be more human than we are. Dogs also
      Many tales of animals going out of their way to save a pal. Love them! Best Christmast season to you

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