They discovered what is really at the center of the Earth


A Chinese-American team of researchers has made a discovery in the very bowels of the Earth: its inner core hide … another kernel in it! With the seismic waves and a new application of scanning technology earthquakes, they could probe the heart of the world and find the kernel-du-core-internal-Terrestrial. First shown as a solid iron ball, it has particular properties, more complex. The study was published in Nature GeoScience.

Together and how doctors who examine the inside of patients using ultrasound (during an ultrasound, for example), researchers at the University of Illinois and those of Nanjing University, China, measured how seismic waves echoed and traveled through the Earth, in the aftermath of earthquakes between 1992 and 2012. The data for these waves, called coda, provide information about the center of the Earth and its contents.

Basically, “an earthquake is like a hammer hitting a bell,” says the author of the discovery. “As someone would hear the clear tone that resonates after the bell rings, seismic sensors perceive a coherent signal in the coda,” he says in a statement. This basic method existed for some time, but it was used for other types of studies, on the surface of the planet.

The core of the core nucleus …

Recall that the basis of the earth’s core is composed of two parts, one external and liquid, comprising more than 80% iron, and the internal and other solid, composed of an alloy of iron and nickel. Also noteworthy is that the nucleus-nucleus-of-house, recently highlighted, presents itself two distinct regions (external and internal).

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