2/17/2015 — Eruption of LAVA at Colima Volcano in Mexico — pressure building in region

A sign of building pressure?

After several years silence, about a month ago Colima Volcano in Mexico started showing major activity.

Multiple main stream media reports have now been done on this particular volcano, talking about its ash laden explosive eruptions.

Now (as of February 17, 2015) we are beginning to see actual LAVA reach the top of the cone during these eruptions.


Recorded via the streaming webcam located near the base of Colima Volcano in Mexico — this video shows a fairly impressive blast from this active ongoing eruptive event.

Previous eruptions making international headlines over the past few weeks.

This area in Mexico is under extreme stress, and areas due South (in guatemala, and costa rica) have shown fresh eruptions as well. The area North (california, nevada, arizona, new mexico, utah) showing dormant volcano movement as well.

Watch the ongoing Colima Mexico eruption (and download timelapses of the events) here:http://webcams.volcanodiscovery.com/

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