A devoted dog saved her nine puppies from a raging forest in Chile by digging a hole for them to hide in


Devoted mum, now nicknamed Blacky, saved lives of her nine puppies
She dug hole for pups to shelter in beneath a metal container
Amazed locals rescued dogs…and have now offered to adopt them
Huge forest fires near city of Valparaiso have devastated area 

At least one person was killed and thousands more evacuated as the fire spread and was fanned by strong winds.

Officials said they would bring charges against the owner of an illegal landfill site, where the fire is believed to have started.
More than 500 hectares were burned since the blaze started last Friday, and at least 19 firefighters have been injured, five of them seriously.

Forest fires are common in Chile at this time of year, and have been particularly savage this year after a hot, dry summer.
In 2014, a fire in Valparaiso killed 13 people and destroyed more than 2,000 homes.

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