Heartbreaking story of 66 apes and a baby ‘abandoned’ on island by medical firm set up by New York Blood Center

The New York Blood Center set up virus-testing laboratory in Liberia in 1974 and began trapping wild chimpanzees. Scientists infected them with diseases like hepatitis and ‘river blindness’ to help develop vaccines for the illnesses

It left the the facility in 2005 and cut the funding in March this year, despite ‘promising to care for the chimps for life’. Chimps deserted on six small islands which have little natural food and are surrounded by undrinkable salt-water. 

Animal protection charity now need £20,000-worth of donations every month to feed and care for the animals daily. New York Blood Center said it left after ‘unproductive discussions’ with Liberian government, during which time it incurred ‘millions in costs’

The chimps who live on six islets in the country’s south were experimented on at a controversial virus testing laboratory set up by the New York Blood Center (NYBC) in 1974.


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