A London photographer Max Ellis reveals the secret life of squirrels

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London photographer Max Ellis  shot an orginal series of photos called Squirrelisimo; it all began when Max was looking for a good topic for stories on his blog. He realized that the squirrels were playing with objects of the family hanging out in the garden. What at the beginning was simple photos of these animals small players today attracts people worldwide who wonder how he manages to make these scenes.

Well that’s how it goes! When an idea comes to his head, in order to  create his scenes, Max begins with seeking accessories or Internet toys appropriate to the size of squirrels. After applying some food on objects, Max asked them in his garden and withdrew inside his home to wait behind the goal that squirrels make their appearance. Using tiny instruments, umbrellas, toys reused or different cleaning accessories, it creates a wide range of possible scenarios for squirrels. If the results are never predictable, they are usually funny and endearing.
Visit the Flickr gallery of Max to discover his work.


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