French astrophotographer Philippe Tosi Photographed the Sun & It’s a good thing that Earth is 150 million kilometers from the sun


French astrophotographer Philippe Tosi took the picture on August 17th, and he inserted an image of Earth for scale. The twisting plume of plasma stands more than 60,000 km (more than 5x the diameter of our planet) above the sun’s surface.

“To me,” says Tosi, “it looks like a woman dribbling Earth like a basketball.” Others have likened the structure to the Eiffel Tower and a tornado.

Aug. 18th marks is the third day in a row that the twister has been sighted. To monitor its progress, observers with backyard solar telescopes are encouraged to train their optics on the sun’s western limb. Or look in the realtime photo gallery:

Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery

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