Common murres now washing up dead as far north of Alaska as ecosystem stress disorder (ESD) grips the west coast

On a day when white-tailed deer in the Spokane region are reported as dying, perhaps by the hundreds in an outbreak of a drought-related viral disease called bluetongue, see here  and Alaskan wildlife officials say thousands of pink salmon are dying in Jakolaf Creek Alaska see here, ecosystem stress disorder (ESD) continues to grip the west coast of America
Kodiak Island residents have been reporting a large number of common murres washing up dead on local beaches.
The small black and white seabird usually establish breeding colonies on the Alaska Peninsula and in the Aleutian Islands.
Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge bird biologist Robin Corcoran said there are a few colonies on the island.
Corcoran said the refuge first started receiving reports in April and May about a handful of murre die-offs.
“They were showing up in places where people don’t normally see them.
These are birds that are usually pretty far off shore,” she said.
“We were getting all these reports of them being seen close to shore, foraging.”
Corcoran said more and more reports of dead birds started coming in since August.
She said some beaches have a large number of carcasses; there are over a hundred on the shores of Pasgashack.




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