Artisanapolis: The Floating City of The Future

If we’re running out of space on earth, why not go on the water? It is the idea of the institute Seasteading, which is reflecting several concepts of cities floating in it.

One of these, Artisanopolis, has been put in images in August 2015 by an animation company.
Gone unnoticed until then, the concept has been spotted by the site, Futurism on Thursday, may 19, and made an explanatory video, to discover the above, which has surpassed 800,000 views on Facebook.
The floating city will consist of multiple platforms removable, that can move like barges, and set one to the other, to create large areas of floating.

Environmentally friendly, this project of the city of the future imagine a 100% renewable energy, withsolar panels and turbines to water, as well as hydroponic farming under domes to feed the population.
The city will be, logically, surrounded by a huge dyke to avoid the vagaries of the ocean. With these cities floating, the Seasteading institute imagines downright “new communities formed outside of the courts of the nations existing for the purpose of promoting freedom and free competition”.

It is what it is.
If floating cities do not yet exist, several architects have imagined of similar concepts, such as the Lilypad by Vincent Callebaut or the Green Loop of This Architecture.

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