China Snowstorms and a Blizzard Three Weeks Before Summer
Hezuo City, Gannan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, northwest China – May 14, 2016. Light to moderate snow hit Gannan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China’s Gansu Province from Friday to Saturday.

The snow started at 19:00 Friday and stopped at around 08:00 Saturday, with the heaviest snow hitting the city of Hezuo, where the accumulated snow was 13 centimeters deep. The snow water covered the entire street in minutes.

Four of their top 10 national news stories in China are about weather damage.

The late spring snowfall greeted tourists with a snow-covered mountain peak, with the snow up to almost to 10 centimeters deep.

Unusual snow in May blanketed the suburb of Beijing and the mountainous region in Chengde City, north China’s Hebei Province on Monday, forming an amazingly gorgeous scenery.

Crop Report Globally
China Boats frozen in ice

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