Animal rights activists rescue 1000 dogs destined for slaughter at China’s barbaric Yulin festival


The pooches were being kept in dark, dingy cages and were clearly frightened when rescuers burst in to save them

An emotional video captures the moment a group of animal rights activists save more than 1,000 dogs destined for slaughter at the barbaric Yulin Festival in China.

The festival, which starts today, sees Chinese traders bring animals from all over the country to be butchered and sold for their meat.

In the footage, a group of rescuers are seen carrying some of the dogs to safety.

Sadly, the heartbreaking scenes are all too familiar in Yulin, where it’s estimated that around 10 million dogs are slaughtered by the dog meat industry in China alone.

Another heartbreaking video

Each year, a Dog Meat Festival takes place in Yulin, Guang Xi (廣西) a southern city in mainland China.

At least 10,000 dogs are killed during this festival which has been strongly condemned by animal activists for its barbaric, unsafe, and inhumane practices. Dogs are packed tightly into small cages with other dogs and are transported a long distance before they are slaughtered, skinned, and cooked for the thousands of festival diners.

Stolen dogs from people’s homes all around China are what fuel this festival as well as helpless dogs on the streets. It’s a horrific, outdated practice–eating dog meat–is nothing to be celebrated and in fact is against the growing tide of compassion for all animals in China and around the world.

We, together, can end this festival and this practice, and help the people of Yulin and surrounding towns switch their economic dependence on this festival to providing sanctuaries for dogs and cats and other domestic animals.

For more information on this Festival and animal welfare in China and Taiwan, check out Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project at
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Real change happens when everyday people like you and me come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together, we can reach tons of people and help create change around this important issue.

Thank you for your compassion and support.

Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project




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