A Googly-Eyed Sea Creature Crack Up Scientists


But don’t let the Muppet face fool you: These odd little cephalopods are fierce deep-sea predators.

Researchers aboard the research ship Nautilus were combing the sea floor off the California coast last week when they swept their camera across a startling sight some 3,000 feet (900 meters) below the surface: two prominent eyes staring right back at them.

The tiny, bright purple cephalopod with large “googly eyes,” as one of the observers on the video put it, soon had the researchers and crew of the vessel laughing uncontrollably and joking that its eyes looked “weird” and “fake.”



2 Responses to “A Googly-Eyed Sea Creature Crack Up Scientists”

  1. cartiermccloud Says:

    Awwww……little baby!

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