Valley of Dry Bones

Amazing photos of Yellowstone’s animals

nomadruss in words and photos

RBT_3663 Jawbone of an elk, Pelican Valley

Whether it’s the print of a wolf and pup along the trail, or the jawbone of an elk on an outcropping along a river, the stories of Yellowstone’s animals are are there for the telling. While I edit photos from the recent bear encounter, here are the stories found when the animals weren’t present. You can reconstruct many stories from a valley of dry bones.

RBT_3679 Elk torso, Pelican Valley

RBT_2338 Elk Skull

RBT_2666 Remnants of an elk

RBT_9106 Skull and antlers of a mule deer in a backcountry spring

RBT_8074 Paw print from a grizzly bear

RBT_2413 Bones along the Yellowstone River


RBT_3636 Prints of a wolf and pup 

RBT_2773 Valley of Dry Bones

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2 Responses to “Valley of Dry Bones”

  1. Nice pics! Would l0ve to go some day

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