Twin Ice Avalanches in Tibet Leave Scientists Baffled


Strange Story Out of Tibet Mystifies Scientists

Two ice avalanches occurred in Tibet close to each other and within a short time period, and scientists don’t know why. Here’s Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari to explain.

Story Highlights

Two massive ice avalanches in Tibet’s Aru Range occurred within just a few months of one another, surprising scientists.

Experts say temperatures were close to average, but they have not yet ruled out climate change as a possible factor in the collapse.

Glaciologists were just beginning to wrap their heads around an enormous ice avalanche that occurred in Tibet on July 17. Then, on Sept. 24, it happened again, and scientists are struggling to figure out why.

The two avalanches occurred at Tibet’s Aru Range, just a few kilometers apart, according to NASA’s Earth Observatory. What’s strange about the avalanches – the first of which killed nine people – is that temperatures were close to average leading up to the slides, and the glacier sat on fairly flat terrain, the report added.



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