Evil Bitch! Madonna Women’s March Speech “‘Blow Up The White House, Kill Everyone’!!!

Secret Service WILL investigate Madonna after singer says she wants to BLOW UP the White House during expletive-filled rant at women’s march in Washington

Yet another blowhard, violent, anti-democratic pro-black magic, Satanic Hollywood/NYC bitch bites the dust.  The crowd cheered this criminal stuff which is funny considering how they are also screaming, they are easily hurt.

The Secret Service has reportedly said they will open an investigation into pop singer Madonna after her intense speech at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday afternoon. Donning a black p***yhat, the music icon caused controversy by dropping the F-bomb four times, sparking a slew of apologies from broadcasters airing the protest live. She went on to speak of her rage at the election result, telling the crowd she had thought a lot about ‘blowing up the White House’ but knew that it ‘wouldn’t change anything’.

SOURCE:Madonna Says ‘Blow Up The White House, Kill Everyone’


4 Responses to “Evil Bitch! Madonna Women’s March Speech “‘Blow Up The White House, Kill Everyone’!!!”

  1. Hello from Culture of Life News!!

    I came here because you came to my news service. Happy to meet you! Wonderful site, I LOVE the background pictures. Keep up your spirit, thanks.

    Elaine Supkis

  2. hocuspocus13 Says:

    Madonna has been very odd for a while now even her son left her to live in England with his father

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