January 27 2017: A full month before the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Ramtha predicted that he would have an encounter with UFOs. North Star Newsletter –

Without using Ramtha’s words or referencing his prediction at the time, we featured such an encounter in the North Star Newsletter on January 21 (original article here), a day after President Trump took the Oath of Office.

The news was going viral in social media reporting UFOs flying right by the plane taking the then president-elect from New York to Washington the day before the inauguration.The UFOs were spotted in a FOX10 News report featuring the take-off and departure from New York’s La Guardia airport.  

You can see the video stream from FOX News here, and watch carefully, especially at minute 2:55, to spot an unidentified flying object zooming by the airplane at great speed!

In this issue we can now reveal exactly what Ramtha had to say during his appearance at the Capstone event at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington.

Ramtha’s Prophecy

(From the RSE Newsletter site – used with permission) :- December 8, 2016, Ramtha Predicted that UFOs Would Trail President Trump’s Plane and Described the Significance of these Coming Events for Disclosure

The first time he looks out the window of his mighty-fine, used-but-nice jet and sees two silver discs waving beside him as an escort, he is going to know it all.

This is a man who is not afraid.

He is going to know it all.

Not only will he learn about the energy systems that have been kept from the American people and the world, used exclusively for the military and the privileged, he is going to expose it all.

He had no problem doing what he has just done.

He is fearless.

He is fearless, because he is an optimist.

He knows there is more that can be made. Do you understand?”
“You will learn that there are other alien civilizations.

The whole world will learn it.”— Ramtha, December 8 2016, Yelm, WA

And Then What?

The “then” we are referring to is not about the future.

It is about a life-saving incident in Donald Trump’s past as a real estate magnate, entrepreneur, and builder of casinos in Atlantic City.

Unfortunately, it was a moment of tragedy as well.

Roger Stone is a man who has known Donald Trump for over 20 years.

Stone is a consultant and strategist who played a key role in the election of Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush.

He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy.

In a press release issued today about his newest book, The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution, (available on Amazon and due out on January 31), Stone  says the following:-

“In 1989, I was working for Donald Trump as a lobbyist in Washington handling currency transaction rules that his casinos were subject to.

“I called Donald at his office asking if I could jump what was then the Eastern shuttle from DC to New York and meet him at noon in his Manhattan office.

Donald told me he couldn’t meet because he was leaving for Atlantic City with a group of his executives by helicopter. I convinced him to wait for me, sending the executives on ahead and having the chopper return to pick up Trump and bring him to Atlantic City later.

“Shortly after I was ushered into Donald’s office, his ashen-faced assistant Norma Foederer told Donald that New Jersey State Police Superintendent Clint Pagano was on the phone.

“Trump put him on the speaker.

“I’m sorry to say that the helicopter your company chartered crashed in the pinelands and everyone aboard was killed.”

“Are you certain?” Trump asked.

“One hundred percent,” said the veteran cop.

“While Trump may have booked other appointments after mine, I know that his life was spared to save our Republic and restore our economic vitality.

I still have a letter Norma Foederer, for many years Donald’s executive assistant, wrote to me after this awful day.

“ ‘I tremble to think what would have happened if you hadn’t called and he hadn’t changed his schedule that day’…she wrote.

“This was the point at which I realized that God had spared Donald for a higher purpose.

“This was the point that I realized he would be President.

“This is when I realized Donald Trump was destined to save our country.”

Great Trademark

Stone also reveals that Trump trademarked the phrase “Make America Great Again,” right after Mitt Romney’s failed bid for the presidency.

What we learn from this is that President Trump, who had been asked several times in the past whether he planned a run for the presidency, spoke privately about his decision to stand at least three years before he came in the winner in a brutal campaign.

What we cannot confirm, because the UFOs captured in the Fox10 footage were traveling so incredibly quickly, and the plane he was in is seen to disappear into the distance as the news crew breaks off its coverage, is whether or not he did see UFOs bracketing his plane and waving at him as escorts on that particular flight.

Nevertheless, the very fact that those UFOs were captured on video footage is certainly confirmation of Ramtha’s statement about his people’s interest and intentions regarding the president and the future.

Red-faced Graymen

Those who are aware of the nefarious plans of the cartels Ramtha refers to as the “graymen” could also see Donald Trump’s victory as a first step in not only saving America, but also in saving the world from the potential of nuclear war.

Maybe that seems like a rather hyperbolic statement – an extravagant exaggeration – but given the track record of preceding administrations and only going back as far as 1990, any reasonable observer would surely conclude that the spread of the US empire was an almost unstoppable juggernaut speeding toward nuclear conflagration and Armageddon.

Mind you, it wouldn’t be the first time a civilization has been wiped out on this planet if the below image (of unknown origin) is anything to go by.

As well, and here we include US allies in “the West,” plus the jingoistic (fanatically hawkish) mainstream media, along with years of demonizing Russia, the imposition of sanctions, the build-up of arms throughout Europe, not to mention all the unsubstantiated claims that Trump was a Kremlin stooge, it seemed that the fuse had been lit, but was just smoldering until Trump’s now-defeated opponent got a chance to light the final match.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Energy Systems

Ramtha’s reference to President Trump becoming aware of energy systems that to date have been available exclusively to the military and the elite is surely also very welcome news to many.

However, the president’s January 24 memoranda regarding continuingconstruction of the Keystone pipeline, and the Dakota Access Pipeline (which has been the subject of ongoing protests by Native Americans at Standing Rock) do appear to have signaled an intent to assist Big Oil in order to fulfill his desire to make the US energy-independent.

Notably, he had only been in office four days when those announcements were made.

That’s hardly enough time out of a potential four years for him to have learned about those secret energy systems, let alone maneuver his way through the existing labyrinth of vested interests to change the status quo.

It’s also likely that these moves will trigger court actions that could delay construction for a long time ahead – long enough perhaps for the president to be brought up to speed on the subject of other options.

Temporarily leaving aside the fact that he is now the president, just a quick look at his past in business, which can be as cut-throat an environment as any battlefield, it seems clear that Donald Trump has indeed proven himself to be a fearless optimist.

Nevertheless, bringing that attitude to his campaign for the presidency, and now against all odds into the White House itself, appears to have been truly divisive as far as American society is concerned.

Yet unbeknownst to the vast majority of those who have been weeping and demonstrating against Trump’s election, division is one of the hallmarks of the graymen – the New World Order crowd, including such names as George Soros, a multi-billionaire who has spent literally millions of dollars funding groups opposed to their elected governments in many countries.

Many of the groups, as many as 50, associated with the anti-Trump “Women’s March” this past week also receive funding from Soros. (See here, and especiallyhere which includes an in-depth “Anonymous” YouTube video.)

In an interview with Bloomberg at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 19, Soros said that Trump “is a would-be dictator,” and “I personally am convinced that he is going to fail.”

Bloomberg also mentioned that Soros had donated  “more than $10.5 million to Trump’s opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.” Plus he is believed  to have lost more than $1 billion in trades he made that would have benefited (him) if the market went down. Instead, a month-long rally after the election cost Soros big.”

Last Word

Obviously, President Trump has enemies.

But Ramtha’s prediction that “The first time he looks out the window of his mighty-fine, used-but-nice jet and sees two silver discs waving beside him as an escort, he is going to know it all,” should give us all confidence that aside from enemies in low places, President Trump also has friends in very high places.

Source: North Star Newsletter – prophecies and predictions of Ramtha The Enlightened One.

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