Germany: Running with an alarm and a padlock around the waist to protect German Women against rape!!!


Running with an alarm and a padlock around the waist, this is what Sandra Seilz proposes to protect against rape. Its “safe shorts” is now on sale on the internet, but some women see it as a “return to the Middle Ages”.

The events of the New Year’s Eve 2016 in Cologne, during which several hundred women were assaulted, changed the climate in Germany. Sales of self-defense items were booming: bracelet-alarm, tear gas canister, application to call the police in case of danger … A 41-year-old German woman, Sandra Seilz, proposes a new invention: a garment named ” Safe shorts “and presented as a protection against rape.

This young woman graduated in commerce had this idea while she was jogging in the forest.She tells that she has been approached by three alcoholic men, and only a man who comes to walk his dog by chance succeeds in chasing them. She then resolved: never to find herself in such a situation. A few days later, she had already gone to see a designer, to present her product idea. The prototype was realized in September of last year then a website launched.The first series of 150 shorts was quickly exhausted.

“Safe short”: three anti-rape features

The technological advances of the textile have been put to the service of the women: the safe shorts are manufactured in a high-tech fabric as light as it is impossible to tear, and even to cut with a knife. This material is particularly used for bullet-proof vests. The garment is also equipped with a padlock with a code to many combinations closing at the waist. The shorts can not be removed without the secret code. Third security: the alarm. This is triggered if someone tries to lower the shorts but also manually by pulling on a small thread. A ringing of 130 decibels resounds, enough to alert the neighborhood. For jogging enthusiasts enough to run comfortably in complete safety, promises Sandra Seilz.

Here is a video in which a young German woman tries the safe shorts:

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