Multiple Attacks in 2 days: 1 in Germany(1 dead), 2 in England, 1 in New orleans (30 wounded) Not labeled Terrorism?!


Not a Terrorist Attack? Ok…Germany – Police shoot man who ‘drove into people’ in German city of Heidelberg leaving one dead and two injured

Aman drove a car into pedestrians in the German city of Heidelberg on Saturday, killing one person and injuring two others, then fled on foot brandishing a knife before being intercepted and shot by police officers.

Dramatic video footage posted on Twitter showed the alleged attacker surrounded by officers with their guns drawn, who shouted orders at him and then opened fire after a tense standoff on a footpath next to a restaurant.

One of the three people hit outside a bakery in a central square of the picturesque town was seriously injured, Anne Baas, a police spokeswoman, said. Police later said the pedestrian had been killed


Police shoot man who ‘drove into people’ in German city of Heidelberg leaving one dead and two injured

Not a Terrorist Attack? Ok…Nearly 30 hurt as truck ploughs into parade crowd in New Orleans

pick up truck has ploughed into a parade in New Orleans, leaving 28 injured.

Initially it was reported that a dozen people were in a critical condition. But later reports suggested that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Those injured were taken to seven different hospitals, the New Orleans Advocate reported.


Source: Nearly 30 hurt as truck ploughs into parade crowd in New Orleans 

Not a Terrorist Attack? OK.. South London street – Bloodied victims lie strewn across the pavement after driver deliberately smashed into pedestrians

Shocking footage has emerged of the moments after a Mercedes ploughed into five people, believed to be Romanian car wash workers, in a south London street.

The car left the road near Catford Bus Garage in Bellingham at 8:20am this morning and crashed into a group of people at a car wash. Witnesses said the driver’s actions appeared to be deliberate.

Onlookers said a blood-covered man chased the driver down the street shouting ‘f*** you’ and ‘why have you done this?’ before police arrived.

One of the victims, a 25-year-old man, remains in a critical condition while two others, a 35-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man, are described as ‘serious but stable’. 

A video of the aftermath of the incident shows members of the public rushing to help those mown down by the car.

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Not a Terrorist Attack? Ok…Birmingham City Centre – Dramatic footage emerges of moment an axe-wielding thug is TASERED by police in front of horrified shoppers

New footage has emerged showing the moment an axeman was Tasered by police officers in the centre of Birmingham.

Rinemo Burrowes, 22, was chased by officers from Birmingham New Street station after they received reports of a man brandishing an axe.

CCTV cameras caught him running towards the Bullring shopping centre, where he was briefly stopped by a bystander before running off again.

But now new footage has shown the dramatic moment when police officers caught up with Burrowes outside the Bullring and used a Taser to take him down.  


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