Sickening! STOP the Horrible Torture of Letting a Dog Turn on a Rope in Bulgaria!


Address to Brodilovo Mayor Dimitar Dimitrov

It is easy to confuse tradition with torture, in Spain we know very well. But our particular “bullfighting party” is not, unfortunately, the only one in the world that mistreats animals. In the small town of Brodilovo in Strandja Mountains (Bulgaria) the ritual of the dog attached to a rope or “trichane na Küche” in Bulgarian is celebrated. This ritual is supposed to prevent rabies and keep evil spirits out of the spring. This ritual is linked to others used in other villages, in which the dogs are whipped or beaten.

In this ritual, a dog is suspended over the Veleka River on a rope and then repeatedly stopped in one direction to wind the rope, the dog is let loose so that it turns rapidly in the opposite direction while The rope unfolds. The frightened dogs reach such high speeds that when they land in the river they are unable to swim and die under water.

This “tradition” was banned by law in 2006, but a few years ago the villagers and the mayor of Brodilovo renewed it because they were frightened by the outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) throughout the region , Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia and Northern Greece. The mayor said, “No one kills or hurts dogs. They are brought by their owners who love them, in order to take part in this ritual folklore, which is intended to purify the local community from evil and generate fertility. The dogs are rotated for about 15-20 seconds, and then they fall into the water, which amounts to giving them their bath. “

Animal rights Sofia has mounted a campaign to denounce the cruelty of this ritual, but it seems that nobody in the Bulgarian government does anything to stop this cruel and absurd ritual. That is why we must do something to stop this crazy ritual and tell this people that hurting animals is wrong, that this ritual is medieval and useless. Please sign this petition to tell the mayor of Brodilovo to stop this madness!


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