East Texas: Wait, What? Hunter Find A “1 Headed, 2 Bodied, 8 Legged Pig”

Hunters in East Texas made an interesting discovery Tuesday night when they came across an eight-legged pig.

That’s right, a “1 headed, 2 bodied, 8 legged pig!” as hunter Jesse Garcia put it in a Facebook post, which included a picture of the rare swine.

Garcia, 21, was hunting about midnight with friends Toby Taylor, Cody Cooper and Bret Taylor near Garrison, northeast of Nacogdoches, when their hog dog got a hold of a sow, a grown female pig.

After cutting her open, Garcia and his buddies started finding babies. That’s when they noticed something they’d never seen before.

One of the little pigs “had two legs coming out of the chest and two legs coming out of its back,” Garcia said

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