An Ivory Gull, rarely found away from pack ice, flew over to Flint, Michigan


FLINT (WJRT) – (03/11/17) – It’s a bird watchers dream.

A rare bird made a special appearance in Flint.

Bird watchers spotted the Ivory Gull near the University of Michigan-Flint and called ABC12.

The bird is a long way from its natural habitat.

The Ivory Gull rarely comes south of the Bering Sea.

“It’s just luck that a local person had the presence of mind to get photos of the bird and birders identified it. And of course now, people are coming in from all over.

People drove up from Columbus, Chicago who have been birding for 30 years and saw their first Ivory Gull, that’s a major celebration,” said Kenn Kaufmann, field editor of the Audubon Magazine.

The Ivory Gull is rarely is found away from pack ice, spending the winter on the ice north of Newfoundland.

This is believed to be only the second Ivory Gull ever found in Michigan.


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