Pascal , the puppy, was brought into He’Art of Rescue in Turkey, Istanbul; he could barely move because of the thick, dried glue, mud on his coat, which had hardened into a cement-like substance 



  • Pascal was a four month old stray puppy in Turkey when he was brought to He’Art of Rescue in Istanbul
  • He had been covered in super industrial glue and it had attached itself to his skin like cement
  • The pup could just barely move and was frightened of people
  • After months of recovery, he went to his new loving home and has a thick, glossy coat of fur 

The stray puppy who was found in an almost statue-like state from being covered in industrial strength glue and dragged through the mud is healthy and loving life in his forever home. In addition to the glue and cement, Pascal had the dangerous virus parvo and was deaf in one ear, probably from the glue getting inside of it

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In November, Pascal horrified animal lovers everywhere when he was brought into the Istanbul-based rescue group He’Art of Rescue covered in glue and dragged through mud. He was so stiff he could just barely move and had been left in a box to die.

The rescue group, which said it was kids who poured glue on the pup, said that the dried glue ‘became a second skin in time and as thick as the cement, preventing blood flow to several points in his body.’ Staff said Pascal moaned and dragged himself to a corner of the examination room and stared at staff in mistrust, a ‘broken’ soul. 



Source: Puppy who was covered in glue finds new home | Daily Mail Online

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