Boycot Leather from China/India: Incredible Cruelty on Animals! Cows Skinned Alive For Leather Have Their Limbs Cut Off to Prevent Movement


The image above is a true statement from the fashion industry: in this sector, cruelty has no limits. Every time you buy a fashion item made from leather – be it a trendy handbag, a piece of comfortable shoes – please think about the tremendous cruelty that stands at the foundation of that product. This petition targets both the Chinese government – who has repeatedly failed to adopt animal welfare laws and has allowed this industry to thrive – as well as consumers worldwide, to take the pledge to go cruel-free and stop purchasing leather products.

The shocking image attached was taken in China, where countless cows are skinned alive for their leather. Their pain can hardly be described in words. In order to prevent these gentle creatures from escaping, often these beautiful animals have their limbs cut off; on other occasions, cows tails’ are often broken and a special powder is sprayed into their eyes, in order to force them to walk to the nearest abattoir (which could be miles away).

Even if your pricey pair of leather office shoes manufactured by a high-end designer are ‘Made In Italy’, the skin may still very well come from countries such as India (WHICH IS ALSO THE BIGGEST EXPORTER OF BEEF WHILE COW BEING THEIR HOLLY/SACRED ANIMAL), where there absolutely no regulations concerning animal welfare in place. This is what actually stands behind a pair of leather boots. Still think you look great in leather? Please reconsider. Those animals needed their skin to keep warm and their organs safe.

Please stop buying leather products from today. Consider opting for animal-friendly fashion items. A growing number of designers and fashion companies are offering items made from vegan leather, quality materials that do not harm animals or the planet.


4 Responses to “Boycot Leather from China/India: Incredible Cruelty on Animals! Cows Skinned Alive For Leather Have Their Limbs Cut Off to Prevent Movement”

  1. May these people suffer the way they torture animals. Barbarians! PLEASE BOYCOTT LEATHER§ Please stop buying leather products FROM THESE COUNTRIE OR COUNTRIES THAT GET THEIR LEATHER FROM THEM

    • theboldcorsicanflame Says:

      Right on; I ve seen some horrible pictures from China, Vietnam etc. Dogs being skinned alive for their coats.. What is going on in 2017 on this planet is beyond evil and good…This planet is totally doomed. Thanks for caring

  2. Truly horrific!! Leather is like fur to me it is no different!! I do not get how most good-hearted people are so accepting to it?! I admit I used to buy it but not since my eyes were opened! Haven’t bought in over 25 yrs and even gave it up before I gave up meat! Absolutely no reason for this!!

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