July 29th, 2017: One of the largest volcanoes in Iceland, Katla, alert raised, glacial outburst flood ongoing in Múlakvísl river


An eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in 2010 caused the cancellation of more than 100,000 flights across Europe on concern that glass-like particles formed from lava might melt in aircraft engines and clog turbines.

A glacial outburst flood started in Iceland’s Múlakvísl river around midnight UTC on July 29, 2017. Electrical conductivity is now measured around 580µS/cm and has increased rapidly the last hour, Icelandic Met Office (IMO) reported 10:14 UTC on July 29. Increasing water levels of this river are an important indicator of Katla’s upcoming volcanic eruptions.

Conductivity is an indicator for the amount of geothermal meltwater in the river. Prior to glacial river surges, the conductivity in Múlakvísl river starts rising. This elevation of conductivity can last several days before an actual river surge starts.

At 05:13 UTC on July 29, IMO reported that the color code for Katla volcano is now Yellow (signs of elevated unrest above known background levels) due to glacial flood and seismic tremor.

“The scenario is very similar to the 2011 glacial flood event when the Ring Road bridge was destroyed,” the agency said.



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