Eclipse mania! Millions of Americans sit in some of the ‘worst traffic jams in history’



  • The eclipse begins its cross-country trajectory over the Pacific Coast of Oregon late Monday morning and will reach South Carolina’s Atlantic shore some 90 minutes later
  • On Monday, the deepest part of the shadow, or umbra, cast by the moon will fall over a 70-mile-wide, 2,500-mile-long ‘path of totality’ traversing 14 states 
  • Officials in Oregon and other states are warning drivers the eclipse could cause the worst traffic jams
  • Experts advise people to wear proper protective eyewear or risk lasting blind spots during the eclipse
  • Monday’s event will be the first total solar eclipse spanning the entire continental United States since 1918
  • It is also the first total solar eclipse visible anywhere in the Lower 48 states in 38 years

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