Big cats, lions, cheetahs, tigers, face existential threats all over the world

Lions MM7947

As dire as the situation is, I still have hope! The National Geographic Society is funding projects from Africa to Asia to South America that are finding effective, scalable solutions to put big cats on the road to recovery at this very moment.
  • In Zambia, grantee Matt Becker and his team are saving lions by combating snaring, poaching, and the bush-meat trade.
  • In Namibia, we’re funding conservationists Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren’s work with the N/a’an ku sê Carnivore Conservation Research Project, which protects cheetahs and leopards by working to limit human-wildlife conflict.
These are just a few of the many, many efforts we support. I know that much more remains to be done, but I have hope because we have a path toward recovery for lions, cheetahs, tigers, and other threatened wildlife and wild places. But the solution starts with you—we cannot do any of this without you, Friend.

Click Here If you want to help save lions, cheetahs, and other threatened species and protect the habitats they call home.

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