“To see this little seahorse — it’s heartbreaking.”


2 Responses to ““To see this little seahorse — it’s heartbreaking.””

  1. dontbeadagbantheplasticbag Says:

    The photo is so heartbreaking. The state that we are leaving our oceans is terrible. Not only will our children bear the brunt of climate change and but they will also have to deal with the pollution we leave in our oceans every day. The fact that 44% of seabirds are now reported to have plastic inside them or around them is also horrible. But we do need to keep spreading the word about these kinds of photos. The only way people will wake up is if we shock them with the truth and give them solid achievable ways to change their habits. Keep spreading the word!

    • theboldcorsicanflame Says:

      Thank you for your kind words and knowing the harsh reality. WIll human ever learn? I don’t know think so. This year we have had so many people throwing garbage everywhere it is never seen before…..We have a lot of people that do not care about Nature or environment. Ecologist is almost like a bad word…But maybe one day…Humans will find out that Nature is what keeps them alive, hope not too late

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