Heartbreaking photo of a crying monkey holding her unconscious child—moments after, a miracle happens


©Facebook | Avinash Lodhi

A photographer captured a heartbreaking moment of a mother monkey crying after her child collapsed. The photograph highlights the emotions and love in the animal kingdom.

Avinash Lodhi, 31, from Jabalphur, India, came across a monkey who was “wailing” as she clutched her child. Lodhi captured the “grief-stricken” mom’s intense emotions in the photograph.

When asked to explain how he came to snap such a photo, he replied, “When I was returning I suddenly saw a group of monkeys rushing here and there. I decided to sit down and watch their activities. I wanted to capture some pictures of them, even though I was losing light, but I managed to capture this. It was so quick I didn’t even know what was happening when I took the picture.”

Fortunately, the mother’s stress did not last long as her baby regained consciousness shortly after the shot was taken. As quick as the events unfolded, the image of the mother’s anguish for the child, in its purest form, is forever imprinted in our hearts. This goes to prove that animals are as capable of emotions as humans are.

“This picture is very close to my heart because throughout my entire photography career I have never seen anything like this,” Lodhi said, according to the media reports. “This moment is rare, especially with animals,” he added.



©Facebook | Avinash Lodhi

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