Iceland: has issued a warning advising people to stay away from the Eldvörp caves of Reykjanes, on account of high levels of deadly gases


“We warn about cave excursions in the Eldvörp area on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Deadly gases were measured yesterday of CO2 as well as deadly oxygen levels in a cave close to a parking lot, popular for hikers.”

Eldvörp is characterised by rolling mists of steam, often replete with boiling waters being heated by activity not far below the surface, and a series of craters, one of which is about ten kilometres wide.

The area is indeed very beautiful and a great place for hiking, but you might actually save your life by avoiding the area for now.

Instead, watch this beautiful footage of Eldvörp and enjoy the magic:


Stay Away From The Eldvörp Caves For The Time Being

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