Large Fireballs Sighted Across The Skies Of Spain’s Andalucia, 3 in 4 days!


Two large fireballs were seen shooting across the sky during the night of February 18 and 19, 2020…

Following the analysis of the second fireball, the professor of the Institute of Astrophysics in Andalucía (IAACSIC), José Maria Madiedo, has concluded that this object had its origin as part of a larger asteroid.
It was a rock that had detached from a larger asteroid and hit our atmosphere at a speed of about 126,000 kilometres per hour.

The fiery asteroid was first observed at an altitude of 99 kilometres above the Mediterranean Sea, going southwest from the coast of Almería, ending at about an altitude of 31 kilometres above the sea.

Comment: Four nights later saw yet another: Bright meteor filmed over Andalusia, Spain

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