NY Doctor says his hospital already using Chloroquine for coronavirus patients and have had ZERO deaths


Laura Ingraham had a doctor from New York’s Lenox Hill hospital on with her last night who explained that they are already using Hydroxychloroquine to treat acute coronavirus patients and are seeing tremendous results.

Dr. William Grace told Ingraham that they have 100 patients and have had zero deaths after the use of Hydroxychloroquine.

Hydroxychloroquine is the less toxic version of Chloroquine.

Grace said that a big reason older people die from the coronavirus is that their lungs fill up with fluid as part of an immune response to the virus.

Hydroxychloroquine works, Grace notes, in both inhibiting the immune response and inhibiting the replication of the virus.

This is really great news and affirms what we are hearing is happening in other countries, as Ingraham points out. Hopefully it will serve as both a cure for the virus and perhaps even a vaccine.


WATCH: NY Doctor says his hospital already using Chloroquine for coronavirus patients and have had ZERO deaths


The French on the South East French Riviera in Nice are using it too

The mayor of Nice Mr Estrosi is infected and getting the treatment Thanks to the Specialist Dr RAOULT in Marseille

Depuis que le professeur Raoult de l’IHU Marseille a affirmé que la chloroquine et ses dérivés étaient efficaces dans le traitement du Covid-19, cette molécule est au centre de toutes les attentions – et les polémiques – alors que les essais vont être généralisés.




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