Be Conscious of What You are Thinking. Negative thinking, characteristic of the nocebo effect, can cause ANY disease 

Stop Thinking

Since the dawn of New Age thought, proponents have emphasized the power of the mind in controlling biology.

The notion of self-empowerment in managing health was adamantly condemned by the pharmaceutical industry, an industry whose livelihood is based upon selling drugs as the only path in controlling health.

The public’s perception that pharmaceuticals are the only way to regain health is conditioned by the industry’s onslaught of drug commercials every ten minutes in TV programming.

The financial power of the drug companies has also been used to manipulate medical school curricula so that practitioners are trained to devalue the role of the mind while they are encouraged to write drug prescriptions for their patients.

While medical practitioners have essentially dismissed the role of the mind in influencing health, science has fully established that a minimum of one third, and up to two thirds, of all positive medical interventions are due to the Placebo Effect, an expression of the real power of mind over matter.

By definition, the placebo effect reveals the influence that positive thinking about the effectiveness of a pill or therapy (that may in reality only be a sugar pill or a sham (fake) therapy) can produce a healing experience. Placebos represent the scientific consequence of how positive consciousness (mind) can manifest healing.

While the placebo effect demonstrates the effectiveness of positive thinking in shaping health, what about the influence of negative thinking?

Negative thoughts engage the Nocebo Effect, whose influence is equally powerful to that of the placebo effect but works in the opposite direction.

Negative thinking, characteristic of the nocebo effect, can cause ANY disease and even death … from nothing more than a thought.

It’s not really the power of positive thinking or of negative thinking, it is simply the power of thinking, and how our thoughts control our biology.

This insight fully reflects the fundamental principle of quantum physics, the most valid of all the sciences, that recognizes consciousness as the factor that controls our life experiences. The placebo and nocebo effects are mediated by the release of brain neurochemistry that complements the mind’s interpretation of the world. Brain chemistry is responsible for manifesting the body’s physical expression of thought.



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