Australia : Look Closely at this man, He is the King of Seal Killing: Hatem Yavuz

This man is a disgrace for Humanity
A news report about seal killer Hatem Yavuz from Sydney, Australia by reporter Mike Duffy. The report shows how this Sydney businessman is making millions from hunting seals all over the world. Yavuz funds the Namibian and Canadian seal culls.

I was shocked to find out about the Namibian seal cull and the involvement of your Australia-based company in this cruel slaughter of seal pups.

Namibia’s mass seal slaughter is barbaric and completely unnecessary. Clubbing seal pups that are still nursing – a practise banned by all other sealing countries because of its cruelty – is utterly appalling.

Here’s a baby seal BEFORE he meets with Hatem YAVUZ

By being the sole buyer of Namibian seal pelts, Hatem Yavuz’s company has been directly responsible for suffering and deaths of thousands of defenceless pups in recent years.

And that’s AFTER Hatem YAVUZ’s Company said Hello………


Only after the last tree has been cut down.
Only after the last river has been poisoned.
Only after the last fish has been caught.
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

Cree Indian Prophecy coming true

2 Responses to “Australia : Look Closely at this man, He is the King of Seal Killing: Hatem Yavuz”

  1. It is greatly appreciated you putting this serial killer on blast, right on! Based on the law of attraction however, rather than putting the spot light on his and other(s) that think its alright to take the life of an animal for their sadistic pleasure of monetary bondage. Let us focus on what we want that is the seal pups and any spirit in an animal body to be protected from cowards like these. Also to add this coward also brags about the skins form Kangroo’s being used as well and is possibly ignorant to the fact that colonialism and industry are one in the same.

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