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Angel Falls, Venezuela The World’s Highest Waterfall 😮

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Singing Together Brings Heartbeats Into Harmony

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Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules for Living

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3 planets, Venus, Mercury (then at greatest elongation from the Sun), Mars & the Moon are gathering for a beautiful alignment

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MORNING PLANETS ALIGN: Set your alarm for dawn. Three planets and the crescent Moon are gathering for a beautiful alignment before sunrise. Alan Dyer sends this preview from Gleichen, Alberta

“This was the view on the morning of Sept. 12th, of Venus, Mercury (then at greatest elongation from the Sun) and Mars in the dawn sky, along with the star Regulus.” says Dyer. With Earth in the picture, this was an image of all four rocky terrestrial planets in one frame!”

In the mornings ahead, the crescent Moon will join the show, hopping from one planet to the next.  Venus and the Moon will look especially lovely together on Sept. 17th and 18th, while on the 19th and 20th Venus and Regulus pass one another less than 1 degree apart. Look east before sunrise and enjoy the show! Sky maps:Sept. 17, 18, 19, 20.

Coronavirus: Tons of Vitamin C to Wuhan, China

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(OMNS February 23, 2020) We can all agree that 50 tons of vitamin C pretty much qualifies as a megadose. We can also likely agree that trucking 50 tons of vitamin C, straight into Wuhan, full in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, qualifies as news.

The news media are not reporting this, or any other, significantly positive megavitamin news.

Loving the photo, but needing authentication, I consulted my physician correspondent in China, Richard Cheng, MD.

He confirmed it, saying: “This was reported in the Chinese media about 2 weeks ago.” Another translator has also independently verified the accuracy of the translation.

DSM, by the way, simply stands for Dutch State Mines, the Netherlands-based parent of DSM Jiangshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The Chinese division has been recognized as a “China Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution to Social Responsibility.”

There is another DSM factory in Scotland, which also manufactures vitamin C.

Article to be continued on




The ability of properly-dosed vitamin C before and after a vaccination

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aroma beverage blur citrus

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Jan 29, 2020

Vaccinations, Vitamin C, Politics, and the Law

Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

(OMNS January 29, 2020) The ability of properly-dosed vitamin C before and after a vaccination to block any potential short- and long-term toxic side effects while enhancing the antibody-forming aim of the injection was covered in an earlier OMNS article.

The points made in that article, along with their validation in the scientific literature, remain pertinent 8 years later.

As emphasized in that article, the purpose of this article is not to praise or condemn the administration of vaccinations.

Most who know me know my stance on this issue, coming from what I consider to be a purely scientific perspective. But that is not the purpose of this article.




Christopher Search: In the “Mathematical Glory” of the Universe, the Physicist Discovered the “Truly Divine”

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How did this slip through? John Horgan with Scientific American interviewed a physicist colleague, Christopher Search.

The physicist is appealingly direct in rejecting the atheism associated with Stephen Hawking and other venerated names in the field.

More than that, he says it was physics that brought him to a recognition of the “truly divine” in the universe:

“Over the years my view of physics has evolved significantly. I no longer believe that physics offers all of the answers. It can’t explain why the universe exists or why we are even here.

It does though paint a very beautiful and intricate picture of the how the universe works. I actually feel sorry for people that do not understand the laws of physics in their full mathematical glory because they are missing out on something that is truly divine.

The beautiful interlocking connectedness of the laws of physics indicates to me how finely tuned and remarkable the universe is, which for me proves that the universe is more than random chance.

Ironically, it was by studying physics that I stopped being an atheist because physics is so perfect and harmonious that it had to come from something.

After years of reflecting, I simply could not accept that the universe is random chance as the anthropic principle implies…..


In the “Mathematical Glory” of the Universe, Physicist Discovered the “Truly Divine”


Happy Christmas 2017 To People Of Good Will

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Chang Mai – Thailand : Lullaby to an Elephant

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The food processing company Heinz had some trouble when a video from one of their ketchup factories went viral.

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Apparently, a few Muslims decided to ignore processing policies and toss a bunch of rotten tomatoes into a processing machine. Not only that, they were caught stepping on top of tomatoes that eventually got tossed into the machine as well.

Understandably, consumers were highly upset after watching the Muslims put garbage into a machine that would eventually produce countless bottles of ketchup to be distributed across several countries.

The incident allegedly took place just outside of Cairo, Egypt, where Heinz owns and operates a factory to distribute their world-renowned ketchup.

Unfortunately for Heinz, it seems that at least one employee knew that what was happening in their plant was wrong and decided to not only capture video of the matter but snap a few photos as well. Since then, it has been brought to light that the Muslims in the plant either didn’t want to waste the time it would take to discard several containers full of rotten tomatoes or were ordered by management not to throw them away.

After the public backlash, Heinz was eventually forced to make a statement in which they tried to explain away the incident. Saying that the “edited” video gave an “unreal picture,” the company then went on to insist that they are “100 percent committed to quality.”…..(…..)





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