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3 UFOs seen on the other side of the Sun about 180 million miles away – caught by the COR2 Satellite Camera

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Three unidentified objects seen on the other side of our Sun about 180 million miles away – caught by the COR2 Satellite Camera.

I do not often post UFO video very interesting because there would be too much to post, but here the source comes from the NASA itself and also the size and shape of these UFOs

NASA scientists managed to film three unidentified flying objects moving at very high speed in front of the Sun. It should be noted that all objects were flying at the same speed and that their dimensions exceeded the size of our planet.

The three UFOs were photographed by NASA researchers as they passed the Sun. In addition to their speed and large size, scientists were disconcerted by the fact that the three UFOs were moving one after the other, following the same trajectory and at the same speed.


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