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Humans have long used the behavior of rats to personify the worst qualities in their fellow man but Rats recognize kindness, repay favors !

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Humans have long used the behavior of rats to personify the worst qualities in their fellow man. When it comes to acts of kindness, however, it turns out the much maligned creature is willing to repay favors to its fellow rodents.

The study, published this week in the journal Biology Letters, was set up to observe an ever elusive concept in the animal kingdom – the principle of direct reciprocity.

According to Michael Taborsky, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Bern in Switzerland who helped carry out the experiment, the practice is in fact so rare that this is the first time it has ever been scientifically observed in non-humans.

Along with his Swiss colleague Vassilissa Dolivo, the team brought together 20 female wild-type Norwegian rats. During the experiment, the team used pieces of banana as attractive awards, and pieces of carrots as less attractive rewards.

The rats were able to deliver one of these morsels to another rat in an enclosure by pulling a stick. After some time, the rat on the receiving end would begin to differentiate between the quality of its helper based on the type of food it received.

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African Animals Getting Drunk From Ripe Marula Fruit

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A scene from “Animals are Beautiful People” that shows African animals getting drunk after eating fermenting marula fruit, the fruit used to make the alcoholic drink, Amarula. The film was made in 1974 and starred an all-animal cast of wild African animals. Shot in and around South Africa, the movie went straight to cinema and has thrilled audiences ever since.

One of the most beloved scenes from the nature documentary is the one shown in this clip. Baboons, elephants and even ostriches eat the ripe, fermenting marula fruit and start stumbling around in a drunken parody of humans who have been drinking.

“Animals are Beautiful People” draw many similarities between animals and humans, personifying the wild creatures in an attempt to inspire humans to view their animal brethren with more humanity.


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