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You cannot tell birds what they cannot do!

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The lyrebird is one of Australia’s best known and most loved bird It can imitate almost any sound

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and this lyrebird must be looking for some compliments as he seems to have his impersonations of bush birds down to a tee.

The lyrebird is one of Australia’s most well-known and loved birds, easily mimicking any sound he hears, from chainsaws to car-horns and all the birds of the rainforest.

In this astonishing video, the chameleon bird manages to showcase its incredible vocal abilities, with impressive impersonations of cameras, birds and what sounds like laser beams. 

It’s complex larynx enables it to imitate up to 20 different species at a time. Mixed in with it’s own unique sounds of clicks and song, they can also be heard mimicking other birds and even mammals.

Lyrebirds have been recorded imitating everything from humans to trains and cameras; It imitates a rang of native birds including the cuckoo-borough and seems to incorporate laser beam noises into it’s repertoire, which also sound like a camera lens




The hummingbird migrates 3,500 miles away and live five times longer than thought

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>Ornithologists in the US say hummingbirds can live longer than 10 years

They have been tagging the birds for a decade to study their habits

Experiment has revealed that one bird flew 3,500 miles (5,630km) for winter

Hummingbirds have been found wintering in relatively cool areas below 18°C

Thousands of birds have been ‘banded’ and experts hope to learn about whether they migrate in one go, or stop off along the way


Hummingbirds are the only birds to hover in the air by relying on their strength alone.

In August, scientists found that it is the ratio of the bird’s wing length to its width that makes them so efficient.

The discovery is helping experts compete with 42 million years of natural selection to build helicopters that are increasingly efficient, which could match the performance of the best hummingbird.

David Lentink, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University in California, tested wings from 12 different species of hummingbirds, which he sourced from museums.

He positioned them on a machine used to test the aerodynamics of helicopter blades – so they spun around like man-made blades.

Together with his team, he used cameras to capture airflow around the wings and measured the drag and the lift force they exerted at different speeds and angles.

Professor Lentink’s team used the same machine to test the rotor blades from a ProxDynamics Black Hornet autonomous micro helicopter, which is one of the most efficient on the market and is used by the UK’s army in Afghanistan.

They found that the micro-helicopter’s blades are as efficient at hovering as the average hummingbird.

But while the micro-copter’s blades kept pace with the middle-of-the-pack hummingbird wings, they could not keep up with the most efficient hummingbird’s wing.

The wings of Anna’s hummingbird – a species common throughout the West Coast of the U.S. – were found to be about 27 per cent more efficient than the man-made micro-copter blades.


Smart Birds Open Doors & Bird feeds Cat and Dog!

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Birds nesting in an underground parkade could have been locked in when the parkade was converted to a campus bike centre with doors on the end. The swallows quickly learned how to trigger the motion detectors to open the doors and go in and out whenever they want. Smart birds!

”Cha Cha” (Australian White-winged Chough), not Crow, feeding ”Kitten” (tail-less Manx cat) & ”Skye” (cross Whippet/Jack Russell)….. All my pets are rescued from death-row, dumped, or injured off roads. ”Skye” is a timid dog, because of former abuse, who at time of video-ing was getting sick of Cha Cha annoying her & tryng to feed her all day. (this is only 3 of them by the way).. Cha Cha, being a Chough, will naturally try to feed everyone and everything. It is in their blueprint as a ‘family’ bird.

Amazing! Bird steals camera hidden in an egg and films entire penguin colony

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From BBC’s Penguin – Sky in the Huddle, comes this adorable footage taken by John Dowder of a bird of prey, the Striated Caracara, stealing a hidden camera inside a Penguin egg and taking it for a fly to film an entire Penguin colony. The bird made sure to get the camera angle just right to capture the massive amounts of happy feet dancers. 

Unfortunately for the Striated Caracara though, he dropped the egg camera (which found its way to some vultures who also lost track of the egg too). It’s always fun to see animals in their natural habits playing around with cameras.


Crowboarding: Russian roof-surfin’ bird caught on tape

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The winter sport season is in full swing – but it’s not often you see a crow trying to get involved. This video which went viral on YouTube shows the thrill-seeker bird as comfortable on the slopes as it is in the air. The bird appeared to be using the lid of a jar as an improvised snowboard.

Scientists found that 3 Alpine swifts travelled 1,240 miles non-stop, Eating and Drinking while in the air, Gliding at night!

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Flying Alpine swifts stay airborne for 200 days in longest recorded flight made by any bird

Scientists found that three Alpine swifts travelled 1,240 miles non-stop

The birds were found to eat and drink while in the air by Swiss researchers

Instead of resting at night, data collected suggested they carried on gliding By STEVE NOLAN

Researchers who tracked a group of migrating birds have discovered that they flew for 200 days non-stop between Africa and Europe.

Scientists say that the 1,240-mile flight carried out by three Alpine Swifts is the longest recorded flight made by any bird.
Although experts have speculated that a related species, the common swift, remains airborne for much of the year, the latest research is the first to provide data over such a long period.


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English: Common Swift (Apus apus) in flight. D...

English: Common Swift (Apus apus) in flight. Deutsch: Mauersegler (Apus apus) im Flug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Alpine Morning

Alpine Morning (Photo credit: Robert Hensley)

Unbelievable Singing Parrot

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Amazon parrot and African gray parrot

Amazon parrot and African gray parrot (Photo credit: Fariz Safarulla)


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Shaka (Photo credit: Ralan808)

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