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Revolting:‘Let the dolphin games begin’: Gruesome Japanese cove hunt spills first blood

Posted in 2016, animals with tags , , , on September 10, 2016 by THE BOLDCORSICANFLAME AND CAPITAINE FLAMME INTREPIDE


Fishermen kill dolphin pods using spikes which sever the spinal cord, Taiji, Japan ©Wikipedia

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Controversial annual dolphin hunt has begun in Taiji, Japan despite protests of animal rights activists. Hundreds of dolphins are going to be killed in the bloodied waters of the town’s infamous cove.
“We finally caught them. I’m relieved,” Yoshifumi Kai, senior officer of the local fishermen association, told Kyodo News agency.
Hunters in diving costumes brawl with dolphins to select the best ones for aquariums. According to Dolphin Project, the best-looking and rarest live dolphins can cost up to hefty $300,000.
The star of The Cove documentary, Ric O’Barry, was detained earlier this year for three weeks after being denied entry to Japan. Japan has deported him and prohibited entry for next five years.


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