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Chemtrails: Some People know there’s aluminum, barium, strontium & titanium. But Not only, there’s piezoelectric crystals & the so called “Smart Dust” – of Morgellons

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Are these technologies of human origin? What are they and how they relate to each other? Learn more and lets start with the very basics, that is not commonly known at all.

NASA document – Future Strategic Issues:…

Publicated with kind approval from Miles Johnston. The original lecture is to be found in here:

Chemtrails Fully Explained! MUST SEE!!… SHARE THIS INFO!!!

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14 janv. 2017

In this video we view documentations and Patents for Chemtrail/Cloud Seeding/Geoengineering/Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and the chemicals being used. Known Chemicals in Cloud Seeding: Aluminum Oxide, Thorium Oxide, Silver Iodide, liquid propane, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia Nitrate, Urea, Welsback materials, Refractory materials, Industrial Particles, dry ice, salts. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Inventors: Chang; David B. (Tustin, CA), Shih; I-Fu (Los Alamitos, CA) Assignee: Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA) Family ID: 24042064 Appl. No.: 07/513,145 Filed: April 23, 1990… United States Patent 5,003,186 Chang , et al. March 26, 1991 Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming North American Weather Consultants Inc.: Modification Incorporated:…chemtrail/cloud seeding/geoengineering Patents:…Military Weather Modification:…REFERENCES: 1. Dennis, A.S. , 1980: Weather Modification by Cloud Seeding. Academic Press, New York. 2. Hess, W.N. , 1974: Weather and Climate Modification. John Wiley & Sons, New York. 3. Weather Modification Association, 1992: Weather Modification Capability Statement. Journal of Weather Modification, Vol. 24, No. 1. 4. Weather Modification Association, 1997: Some Facts About Seeding Clouds. Fresno, California. 5. American Society of Civil Engineers, 1995: Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation. ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 81.. 6. Griffith, D.A. and M.E. Solak, 1999: A Cloud Seeding Program to Enhance Hydroelectric Power Production from the El Cajon Drainage, Honduras. Seventh Conference on Weather Modification, Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 17-22, 1999. 7. Stauffer, N.E. and K. Williams, 2000: Utah Cloud Seeding Program, Increased Runoff/Cost Analysis. Technical Report, Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources. 8. Weather Modification Advisory Board, 1978: The Management of Weather Resources. Report to the Secretary of Commerce, 2 volumes. 9. Klien, D.A. , 1978: Environmental Impacts of Artificial Ice Nucleating Agents. Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, Inc. , Stronsburg, Pennsylvania. 10. Brown, K.J., R.D. Elliot and M.W. Edelstein, 1978: Transactions of Total-Area Effects of Weather Modification. Report to the National Science Foundation on a workshop held August 8-12, 1977, Fort Collins, Colorado. 11. Brown, K. J., R.D. Elliott and J.R. Thompson, 1974: The Seeding of Convection Bands. AMS Fourth Conference on Weather Modification, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, November 18-21, 1974. 12. Long, A. B., 2001: Review of Persistence Effects of Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding. Journal of Weather Modification, Vol. 33, No. 1. 13. Solak, M. E., D. P. Yorty, and D. A. Griffith, 2003: Estimations of Downwind Cloud Seeding Effects in Utah. Journal of Weather Modification, Vol. 35, No. 1.

Rosalind Peterson from Agriculture Defense Coalition Org testifies here before the UN about the reality of Chemtrails and the deleterious effects on plant and animal life

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If you are still in doubt that the strange lines in your *updated*, “vanilla sky” are airplane contrails – or that the milky haze which lingers all day is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, you are sadly mistaken.Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real And that it has deleterious effects on plants and animal life

Commercial Aircraft Spraying Chemtrails To Warm Climate

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In recent years, civilian aircraft are increasingly contracted to secretly spray aerosols through ports located near the engines and airframe. This video provides a well documented example of commercial aircraft spraying chemtrails over Gainsville and North Florida involving AIRTRAN airways.

IPCC scientists also admit CO2 from aircraft will grow 3% per year but make no recommendation about using alternative forms of travel. While not admitting that aircraft are spraying tons of aerosols into the atmosphere these same scientists say that contrails and artificial clouds have a profound effect on the climate and tend to warm global surface temperatures.

Ask yourself: “If global warming is real, why are these aircraft secretly spraying aerosols that are known by UN/IPCC scientists, to warm the climate?”

Artificially Induced Climate Change, Chemtrails not Contrails

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This documentary dives deeper in and exposes “Why” chemical aerosols are being sprayed on the public.

These lines left by jets are not contrails. They are chemical aerosols that affect thehealth of everyone who breaths.

Weather manipulation as one of the reasons for chemical aerosols. This video clearly explains how hundreds-of-billions of dollars can be gained by trading stock with advanced knowledge of weather. Now that we know that the U.S. government is the largest stockholder in most international corporations and Fortune 500 companies, the potential for profit via weather control is virtually endless.



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