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Very Graphic Video: Morocco “Pilgrims” at the Muslim Feast of Al Mawlid, Savagely killing a Camel with an ax before Eating it Raw!

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“Very very very Shocking”, to say the least! Images of a rare savagery were posted on social networks showing n jumping on the beast still agonizing to devour it raw.

Many Internet users have denounced the practice of these “pilgrims” who, according to them, celebrate rituals dating from another era, marked by the seal of “witchcraft”.

“Such practices no longer have a place in a modern Morocco that evolves at all levels ...” (?!) add these Internet users, calling on the Moroccan authorities to combat this phenomenon of another age. Coming from muslim, not really surprised as they torture the animals they eat…..

These images date back to the day of the Muslim Feast of Al Mawlid, one of the most important annual celebrations of the Moulay Brahim mausoleum, with traditional rituals lasting a week, attended by visitors from different regions of Morocco And from abroad. The 7th day marks the end of these festivities with the “sacrifice” of a young camel, in the presence of the notables of the region.

Disgusting, revolting and who wants to go to Morocco to witness the agony of a camel slaughtered and eaten raw while still alive suffering. May them be doomed!

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