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Another nail in the coffin: The Obama administration affirmed the opening of about 30 million acres of US Arctic waters to oil exploration

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Polar Bears say no to Statoil in Arctic


Shell had already begun moving drilling equipment into the area in anticipation of the Obama administration’s decision.

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The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation By Sue Kovach

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Every day, we’re swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by electrical appliances, power lines, wiring in buildings, and a slew of other technologies that are part of modern life. From the dishwasher and microwave oven in the kitchen and the clock radio next to your bed, to the cellular phone you hold to your ear—sometimes for hours each day—exposure to EMR is growing and becoming a serious health threat.

But there’s a huge public health crisis looming from one particular threat: EMR from cellular phones—both the radiation from the handsets and from the tower-based antennas carrying the signals—which studies have linked to development of brain tumors, genetic damage, and other exposure-related conditions.1-9 Yet the government and a well-funded cell phone industry media machine continue to mislead the unwary public about the dangers of a product used by billions of people. Most recently, a Danish epidemiological study announced to great fanfare the inaccurate conclusion that cell phone use is completely safe.10

George Carlo, PhD, JD, is an epidemiologist and medical scientist who, from 1993 to 1999, headed the first telecommunications industry-backed studies into the dangers of cell phone use. That program remains the largest in the history of the issue. But he ran afoul of the very industry that hired him when his work revealed preventable health hazards associated with cell phone use.

In this article, we look at why cell phones are dangerous; Dr. Carlo’s years-long battle to bring the truth about cell phone dangers to the public; the industry’s campaign to discredit him and other scientists in the field; and what you can do to protect yourself now.
Cell Phones Reach the Market without Safety Testing

The cellular phone industry was born in the early 1980s, when communications technology that had been developed for the Department of Defense was put into commerce by companies focusing on profits. This group, with big ideas but limited resources, pressured government regulatory agencies—particularly the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—to allow cell phones to be sold without pre-market testing. The rationale, known as the “low power exclusion,” distinguished cell phones from dangerous microwave ovens based on the amount of power used to push the microwaves. At that time, the only health effect seen from microwaves involved high power strong enough to heat human tissue. The pressure worked, and cell phones were exempted from any type of regulatory oversight, an exemption that continues today. An eager public grabbed up the cell phones, but according to Dr. George Carlo, “Those phones were slowly prompting a host of health problems.”


Elke Vogelsang, Germany, snaps photographs of her dogs Noodles, Ioli and Scout.

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Being models can’t be too ‘ruff’! Photographer’s pet dogs are the stars of hilarious photo series 


Elke Vogelsang, based in Hildesheim, Germany, is a professional photographer who mainly shoots people and pets. In her spare time she snaps photographs of her dogs Noodles, Ioli and Scout. 

‘We always had dogs in our family and my mother is a photography enthusiast herself,’ Vogelsang writes. ‘So I always had a camera with me on all school excursions and holidays. Therefore, dogs and photography always played a major part in my life.’

Vogelsang also says she wanted to be able to capture the ‘beauty and character’ when she got first dog Noodles. She says photography also offered a creative outlet after the illness of a family member.



Vogelsang writes that she refers to dogs Noodles, Loli and Scout as her ‘photography companion dogs.’

‘Since all three of my own dogs are so very different in character, it’s still very fascinating to try to predict their behaviour or to see how you can translate an idea into a photograph with them,’ she says. 

It also doesn’t seem like Vogelsang will switch professions anytime soon.



‘I could spend all day taking photos of dogs,’ she writes. ‘I never get tired of their beauty, energy and patience. One of the most exciting parts of my job is to get to know so many different characters among my animal models. Each and every one of them is so unique and amazing. Every photo session is unpredictable and I love the surprises and challenges.’

See more of Vogelsang’s work here.

The US Administration will let some wind companies kill or injure eagles to boost green energy

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(The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States of America….They are barely recovering from extinction that they are threatened again…What a symbol)

National bird usa great seal


The Obama administration said on Friday it will allow some companies to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty, in an effort to spur development and investment in green energy while balancing its environmental consequences. The change, requested by the wind energy industry, will provide legal protection for the lifespan of wind farms and other projects for which companies obtain a permit and make efforts to avoid killing the birds.

An investigation by the Associated Press earlier this year documented the illegal killing of eagles around wind farms, the Obama administration’s reluctance to prosecute such cases and its willingness to help keep the scope of the eagle deaths secret. The White House has championed wind power, a pollution-free energy intended to ease global warming, as a cornerstone of President Barack Obama’s energy plan.

In other areas, such as the government’s support for corn-based ethanol to reduce US dependence on gasoline, the White House has allowed the green industry to do not-so-green things. Another AP investigation recently showed that ethanol has proven far more damaging to the environment than politicians promised and much worse than the government admits today.

Wind Energy Eagle Deaths



Water – The Great Mystery, (Part 1 and 2)

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This fascinating English-language Russian film explores things about water. Comments like: “Water may be the most malleable computer there is, is quite amazing

The Structure of the Water Is Much More Important than its Chemical Composition!

15 Ways On How to Save Money on Gas

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Gas prices keep going up, and the money in our wallet keeps evaporating more quickly. There are many ways you can spend less money on gas and reduce your overall fuel consumption. But, you must think it through and begin formulating new plans! One technique that has been around for a while but has drawn more attention recently is hypermiling. However, use your head because some hypermiling techniques are illegal and extremely dangerous.


Thorium, An Alternative Nuclear Fuel

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Imagine trying to choose a reliable fuel that poses few risks, is energy efficient, compact, easily accessible, affordable, and can be employed in a lunar community. Kirk Sorensen did just that and came up with thorium salts. But if it worked on the moon, could it work here at home? Brace yourself for a TEDx talk that is chock-a-block with information and new ideas.

UFOTV Presents…: Crop Circles – Gateways from Another Dimension

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Discover the hidden secrets of a timeless mystery in this award winning film about the greatest Crop Circle formations ever created. The creators of these paranormal formations still remain a mystery. After years of painstaking research, scientific evidence still points to alien influences that are responsible for this phenomena. One thing is certain, what you are about to see in this amazing film can only be described as miraculous evidence of a secret art form that continues to defy explanation.

Increased Solar Activity and Human Consciousness

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Alarming : Haze over China on Nasa Website

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