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Who was that masked man with a snowblower? Michigan neighbors applaud local hero who cleared their way for free

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Who was that masked man with a snowblower? Michigan neighbors applaud local hero who cleared their way for free

A Michigan man with a snowblower is being hailed as a hero by his neighbors after he cleared their driveways and walkways in subzero temperatures, unprompted and for free.

“When the snow first started to fall here, I noticed I had a couple neighbors that were out here trying to shovel,” Brian Torrey, of Battle Creek, Mich., told Fox 17. Temperatures in Battle Creek dropped to minus 11 degrees Tuesday, prompting Torrey to wear a face mask to ward off the cold bite.

Torrey says he bought the snowblower at a yard sale last year, but had yet to use it. “I decided to fire it up and get out here and start helping people,” he said.

The 32-year-old’s unselfishness warmed some neighbors’ hearts.
“I was kind of surprised because it’s been a long time since we’ve had a neighbor do anything like that,” one of Torrey’s neighbors told the network. “A lot of them don’t do their sidewalks half the time.”

He offered to pay Torrey, but Torrey refused.
“I wish there were more people that did stuff like this, you know?” Torrey said. “You’re not out here trying to make a buck, you’re just trying to help people out.

Kindness Boomerang, What goes around comes around

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What goes around comes around. This charming short film depicts the ripple-effect of kind acts — the way in which receiving an unexpected moment of generosity from a stranger can cause us to become more aware of the needs of those around us and to take action to become a vector of goodness.

Daily Good: Unexpected Gestures Of Compassion / Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. – Dalai Lama –

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Instead of being a day I would like to forget as soon as possible, somehow, today became a day where I experienced the most incredible gesture of compassion that I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to remember for a long time…

I live in London and I was on my way to visit my cousin in Wales. I was driving on the motorway at around 70 mph when somehow (probably black ice on the road), I lost control of my car. I was involved in a scary collision with a truck and then a smaller car. The smaller car had a family in it with three young children. Through some incredible good luck no one was seriously hurt but the experience was very frightening.

There was so much smoke that my first thought was to just get out of my car as fast as I could. I could hear the children from the car behind me screaming and crying as I was trying to claw my way out of my car. When I got out, I could see their mum was frantically trying to comfort her shaking crying children and move them away from the smoking cars at the same time. I kept thinking ‘oh my god, these children are so young’ and I felt so bad about colliding with them.

I thought that the parents would probably be so angry and upset at me. But instead of being angry the mum simply said to me ‘Come here. You need to join in our hug’.

Really? It was such a wonderful, warm gesture from someone whose family had just been hit by me! I can’t tell you how moved I was by that. And how much better I felt afterwards.

Whilst this was happening, the father was trying to get the children’s coats out of the back of his car because it was freezing. He didn’t see what had happened but when he came back, he asked me if I was okay and then gave me a hug too! I couldn’t believe it! I remember thinking how lucky those children were to be bought up by such amazing parents who would comfort a stranger in the middle of their own fear and panic. To find compassion in a moment like that is truly incredible. Later, I overheard them telling their children that the important thing to focus on was that they were all okay and unhurt and then they had a big family group hug… wow!

The story doesn’t stop there… during the medical examination and the police statements, etc. I was split up from then and then didn’t see them again. However, a few hours later, after I had reached my cousin’s home, the father rang me to see if I had got home okay and to make sure I hadn’t sustained any serious injury. He also said that he wanted me to know that he and his wife don’t bear any ill will towards me. I was really blown away that…

I’ve spent enough time on this site to know that incredible people do exist, but to actually experience it first hand, especially during such a frightening moment, was just so incredible.

Inspired by this story that I read recently, I’ve decided to send the children Christmas gifts anonymously 🙂

A Slice of Kindness / Random Acts of Pizza

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Homeless Chicago Man Donates Thousands to Down-On-Her-Luck Banker

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Vodpod videos no longer available. Homeless Chicago Man Donates

Money is not my master. I’m out here for a purpose: to help someone.- Curtis Jackson, Homeless in Chicago –


Chicago – A year ago, everything was going right for a woman we’ll call Sandy.She had a good job at a bank in the suburbs.She and her 10-year-old son had a safe home.But then the world came crashing down around the 39-year-old. She lost her job. She lost her house. And she and her son moved into her truck. Police found her and DCFS threatened to take away her son if she didn’t find a safe place to stay.She moved into a hotel with the help of a social worker who paid for a few nights stay with her own money. That’s when Sandy’s knight in shining armor showed up. And he’s kept showing up, every day, paying her hotel bill, so she and her son can stay off the streets.But Sandy’s Good Samaritan isn’t a Chicago big shot. He isn’t living in a Loop highrise. He doesn’t even have a job.Sandy’s Good Samaritan is Curtis Jackson, who’s been homeless since 2004. He pays for Sandy’s hotel room because she used to treat him with dignity and kindness when she did have a house — and he pays for it by panhandling and giving the money to her.”All I can do is get out there and put a sign in my hand, or put a cup in my hand and ask people to help me out, and everything I get, except maybe bus fare and something to eat, I give it to her,” Jackson said as he stood at the corner of 55th and Harlem.Jackson pays the nightly bill by pouring his bucket of change on the hotel counter. Since December, he’s raised $9,000, and he’s given it all to Sandy. He said sometimes 40, 70, a hundred cars go by before someone gives him a few pennies or a few bucks.Sandy can’t believe it.”I’ve donated to charities, I’ve helped other homeless families — never realizing that one day we’d be in this situation,” she said. “So thank God that we did have an angel waiting for us.”Jackson said he’s a man of faith; homeless, but not hopeless, and he’s got some words of wisdom for the people he sees bustling by every day.”I have God. I’m one of the richest men on this earth, ’cause I have God,” he said. “Money is not my master. That’s what’s wrong with this world: money is its master.”Sandy said she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to repay Jackson, who’s become like a brother.”I’m out here for a purpose: to help someone, and that’s all I’m trying to do is help someone that needs help right at this moment,” he said. “And once she doesn’t need help anymore, I’ll move on to something else.”


Uk : London tours with homeless guides

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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. –Vincent Van Gogh