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A Gorilla and her Baby: : So human!

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Photographer Alan Shapiro Shots Cheeky little gorilla decides it’s time for mum to stop snoozing

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It’s a scene most exhausted parents will recognise.

You’ve just closed your eyes for a well-earned nap when your young child comes bounding over for some attention.

And so it was for Julia the gorilla who had just nodded off when her four-month-old decided now was the time to play.

The lovable pair were snapped at Bronx Zoo, New York, USA, on Sunday

Photographer Alan Shapiro, 50, of New York, said: ‘I had just arrived at the gorilla enclosure and the mother gorilla, Julia, had lain down to take a nap. The baby was resting against her.

‘The baby wanted to play, so he got up and moved around – then he reached out and touched her face.

‘Everyone watching let out a sigh, we all thought it was so cute. He just wanted to play.’

Meet Koko the 38-year-old Gorilla who interacts with kittens as if they were her own children

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The video begins by Koko taking two kittens out of their resting area. She immediately scoops them into her arm like a baby and cuddles them close to her heart. Koko is so thrilled to be handing two fury kittens that she even lets out a big gorilla purring sound. 

Next Koko plays with both the kittens at once by tickling their bellies and rubbing their little heads. Dr. Penny Patterson introduces a few toys into the mix like a stuffed owl, an egg baby, and lizard. Koko seems to be more concerned with the kittens than the toys because she immediately takes the toys off the table where the kitten is sitting.

Koko gets a return visit from the two kittens she selected from a litter of seven the week before. She’s tentatively named them “Tiger” and “Blackie” (for obvious reasons). The question is will Koko tire of the kittens or want them to stay as her permanent guests at the Gorilla Foundation.

After much playing, enrichment and affection, the answer seems clear. While this does not satisfy Koko’s dearest wish which is to raise a gorilla (or other great ape) baby, it provides a loving experience for gorilla snd kittens. Message: Koko seems to be a Kitten Person.

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