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Who was that masked man with a snowblower? Michigan neighbors applaud local hero who cleared their way for free

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Who was that masked man with a snowblower? Michigan neighbors applaud local hero who cleared their way for free

A Michigan man with a snowblower is being hailed as a hero by his neighbors after he cleared their driveways and walkways in subzero temperatures, unprompted and for free.

“When the snow first started to fall here, I noticed I had a couple neighbors that were out here trying to shovel,” Brian Torrey, of Battle Creek, Mich., told Fox 17. Temperatures in Battle Creek dropped to minus 11 degrees Tuesday, prompting Torrey to wear a face mask to ward off the cold bite.

Torrey says he bought the snowblower at a yard sale last year, but had yet to use it. “I decided to fire it up and get out here and start helping people,” he said.

The 32-year-old’s unselfishness warmed some neighbors’ hearts.
“I was kind of surprised because it’s been a long time since we’ve had a neighbor do anything like that,” one of Torrey’s neighbors told the network. “A lot of them don’t do their sidewalks half the time.”

He offered to pay Torrey, but Torrey refused.
“I wish there were more people that did stuff like this, you know?” Torrey said. “You’re not out here trying to make a buck, you’re just trying to help people out.

Japan : Breathtaking heroism : 200 publicly anonymous men are exposing themselves to almost certain fatality every day

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Japan/Sendai : Video of Loyal Dog in Japan Reveals Canines’ Social Roots by Jeanna Bryner

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This still image was taken from a video of a dog in Sendai, Japan, that remained with an injured fellow canine. (See the video) CREDIT: LNeilB2/YouTube/Japan TV

partially wet and muddied dog, seeming to shiver from both confusion and cold, runs toward a cameraman in the Arahama area of Sendai, Japan, leading him over to an injured fellow canine, lying among the wasteland of debris caused by the earthquake and tsunami that hit on March 11.

The tearjerking video, making its rounds on the Web, is a reminder of dogs’ evolutionary roots as well as their social nature, according to an evolutionary biologist.

Japan : Creative Meditation to Visualize An Improvement in the Devastated Area and Over the Nuclear Plants

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A chain of meditation is taking place all
weekdays and weekends at 1:30 PM
but it can be done later on if you are busy

If you do not meditate it does not matter:

Sit in a quiet and
visualize :

A golden light on Japan

Ice and cold on the nuclear reactors
that pose problems to help them cool down

A protective bubble over the nuclear sites and of course
positive thoughts, positive images

With lots of love to help people in need

Spread this message so that many of us contribute with their positive thoughts

Strength through unity !

Thank you

Please Help Save America’s Polar Bears

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She swam and swam in open water — for 232 hours straight, covering more than 420 miles — in search of dwindling sea ice to hunt for food. Her quest came at a great cost: she lost more than 20 percent of her body weight — and her yearling cub.

As rising temperatures take their toll in the Arctic, one polar bear mother’s epic journey could become all too common.

Please donate now to support our work to help save America’s struggling polar bears from extinction.

America’s polar bears are in trouble. The sea ice these iconic bears need to survive is rapidly disappearing.

Yet some in Congress are unleashing an attack on America’s remaining polar bears — and the places they need to raise their cubs.

Idaho Congressman Mike Crapo wants to allow Big Oil’s drills into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — one of the most important onshore denning habitats for America’s struggling polar bears.

Another bill from Alaska Representative Don Young would strip vital federal protections for these amazing bears — and seriously undermine the Endangered Species Act.

And several bills are proposing to gut the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to curtail the greenhouse gas emissions that are already affecting polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

Our polar bears need your help. Please donate today to help save these iconic bears and other wildlife struggling to survive.

Your generous support will help Defenders save polar bears by…

Please donate today to save polar bears.

Scientists predict that U.S. polar bears could disappear in just a few decades as climate change and other threats take their toll. But we can make a difference.

Human Spirit Rises to Meet Japan’s Tsunami Posted by Yuka Saionji

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We always talk about working together… perhaps crisis can give birth to new evolution. –Yuka Saionji


[Amidst the tragedy of the quake, tsunami and the subsequent nuclear plant explosions, the narrative of hope can often get lost. However, below is a note from our friend in Japan, Yuka Saionji, followed by some truly heart warming moments of oneness that unfolded in the aftermath.]

Dear Friends,

Thank you so so much for all your love, support and messages. We experienced a big earth quake here in Tokyo too, but nothing compared to the northern parts of Japan. I couldnt keep standing cause it was so big, and all I could do was just open the doors to secure our way out.

All transportation stopped. In many places electricity stopped, many things came down, buildings and roads broke too in Tokyo. But there was not any huge damage. Many people were stuck near their work places or forced to walk back home last night. Nothing moved. But even so, there was no confusion or panic. No one was screaming, every one was taking turns and was in line. No pushing or stealing or anything…. Many stores or restaurants offered people to stay, and people are here to support each other. We still have small earth quakes continuing in Tokyo but not a big problem. Many friends walked 5 to 6 hours last night by foot, but they all noted that people all walked peaceful, so quietly, so in order…

During this time, I felt so lucky and full of gratitude … that we know our prayers, our meditation, our love, our the truth and about oneness. During the big quake, all I was able to do was give gratitude to nature and to dear earth. There was no fear. But just feeling of oneness in what ever happens.


Uk : London tours with homeless guides

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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. –Vincent Van Gogh

Karma Tube, Be the Change : Nourishing with Love – Magnus MacFarlane-Barro Saving Bosnia Refugees – CNN Heroes

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‘Big Sister’ helps teen get her life on track By Natalie Angley

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Plant flowers to help bees find food in summer By Richard Gray

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