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This Shaolin monk ran 125 meters on thin wooden boards on the surface of the water!

Posted in 2015, spirituality with tags , , on September 15, 2015 by MARIE EMMANUELLE QUILICHINI

Historically Shaolin monks demonstrate the extraordinary capacity thanks to their mastery of body and mind, but that did Liliang Shi is an achievement

10 years ! This is the time it took for Liliang Shi, a Shaolin monk Quanzhou Shaolin Temple, to help achieve an incredible feat: running on water. This Shaolin monk has trained very hard to achieve this feat, but as he said he has no power. The secret is in total control of his body to run on tiptoe on thin wooden boards connected to each other with rope. According to the monk: “everything is a question of balance, weight distribution and speed.”

After 4 attempts, the Shaolin monk Shi Liliang lunged on the water surface and traveled almost 125 meters. The Shaolin monk sees his achievement within the record books and  said he would give money to an association helping the education of disadvantaged children.

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